In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware



I would love this see this book become a movie! Correct me if I am wrong but I believe there is talk about that? I would see it in a heart beat.

In a dark, dark wood is a novel that will keep you guessing from the start! It has great character development. I usually can call what is going to happen in a book come mid book- I actually sat my boyfriend down and said: “I know you have no idea what I am talking about.. but I am calling it now.. so and so did this and so and so did that.” Well, I was wrong. Very wrong actually.

This book follows Nora.. Nora gets invited to a hen of an ex-best friend (Claire) that she has not seen in years! Nora just figures that Claire’s new best friend (Flo) went through an old phone book and got some people together.. Seems harmless, right? Probably? Maybe? I don’t know?

I love, love the fact that the book goes back and forth from current time to the ‘night’ when stuff went bad. Reading Nora in the hospital- bruised and broken with absolutely no memory of the previous night. Hearing police officers outside her hospital room door talking about murder and suspects. To reading Nora being at the hen party- days and hours before the tragedy strikes. The whole time you’re reading you are thinking.. “Oh! I wonder whats going to happen!”

I did find that the story was a little slow paced. It doesn’t get intense until about half way into the novel. I do admit though that this novel probably did need that though- like I said above- it had great character development and by the end of the book you will feel as if you know these characters.. or do you?

Lots of love,




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