The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher



The Princess Diarist is a sort of memoir by Carrie Fisher. Everybody in this world and to make a pun here.. even in outer space knows who Carrie Fisher is. If you don’t know her by the name Carrie Fisher than you definitely know her as the beloved Princess Leia!

Carrie Fisher talks about everything from growing up in a household with her mother Debbie Reynolds. Carrie talks about her insecurities, and the oh so scandalized theory and truth of CARRISON. Carrie + Harrison Ford.. the idolized Han Solo on Star Wars! Apparently the love between the Princess and Han Solo was just not on screen! Carrie Fisher goes deep into her old diaries that she found from when they were filming the first Star Wars movie. You get to understand her thoughts and actions back when she got her first movie role— little did she know, this movie role would change her life. Forever.

I gave this memoir three hearts because I feel as if I should have started with one of her older memoirs. In my opinion I feel as if this one plays off the other ones in regards to the in depth information about Carries life. But I am not sure if that is true or not since I have not read any of her other memoirs.. If that is not true! then I would say I gave this memoir  three hearts because I wish it would have went deeper into her life/feelings. i .e. when Carrie talks about her love affair with Harrsion- I just wish I felt more on a feeling level if that makes sense. Carrie does talk about how she had always felt insecure around Harrison but I guess I just want more from Harrison’s side.. but hey! I guess he will need to write a memoir for me to get those feelings! haha. I also understand that maybe she didn’t want to get into it too deep because it was an unmentionable affair!

This was a good and interesting read and I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading memoirs- especially ones with a bit of humor. I enjoyed learning more about Carrie Fisher and getting able to see her point of view on Star Wars and what it felt like to BE Princess Leila.

” Who do I think I would’ve been if I hadn’t been Princess Leia? Am I Princess Leia, or is she me? Split the difference and you’d be closer to the truth. Star Wars was and is my job. It can’t fire me and I’ll never be able to quit, and why would I want to? “

Rest In Peace, Carrie Fisher.. and also, Rest In Peace Debbie Reynolds who had passed away just 24 hours after her daughter.

Lots of Love,



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