Lies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters



This book is very well written. It had me wanting more from the start! Julie Anne Peters has a gift in making you feel as if you are in this book.

Alix is on cloud nine- She could not be any happier! She finally met the perfect girl, Swanee. Swanee and Alix are seemingly perfect for one another! That is until Swanee’s sudden death. Alix is distraught and cannot believe that the love of her life is dead? How does a young girl just.. die? As Alix searches Swanee’s room for mementos of their relationship she comes across Swanee’s cell phone with dozens of texts from a mystery caller. The mystery number doesn’t have a name- only initials that read ‘L.T’ with the most recent text ending with “Please tell me what I did. Please, Swan. Te amo. I love you.” and it leaves Alix confused as most of the texts from that number are written in Spanish. Swanee doesn’t speak Spanish, does she? Although, she was taking a elective Spanish class this semester?

Upon some digging, Alix learns that Swanee was living a double life. Alix is crushed to learn that the ‘love of her life’ had/has another ‘love of her life’ — Will Alix reach out to L.T? She can’t leave this mystery girl in the dark, can she?.. I mean, by the texts it doesn’t seem as if she knows about Swanee’s passing? That’s when the lies upon lies come into view. The life and love Alix thought she was living was all a sham? Did Swanee actually love Alix? Did she love L.T? Was this all a game?

This book is very emotional and leaves you feeling for every character involved. In this book Julie Anne Peters shows that everyone deals with grief in different ways and not one way is correct. Which makes me want to add that I wish this book would have gave more of a closure to one of the characters (Joss) — I feel as if her story line was left open. Or maybe there was closure, but it wasn’t the closure I wanted to read?

Lots of love,



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