The Vegas Diaries by Holly Madison



Juicy, juicy, juicy. This book had all the juice and humor you need in a memoir! I have always liked Holly Madison. I liked how this book showed a different side to her life as opposed to just the playboy mansion. I mean, that is what she was going for when she wrote this- and she did a great job. It really showed us readers that she isn’t just a pretty platinum blonde. I admired that Holly was able to talk about her insecurities and how she isn’t always as confident as she comes off.

In this novel Holly speaks of stories and men who she has had flings/dated in the past- to protect their privacy she does not use real names. I wish I knew who these people were!! But I understand– some of the stories she has I could definitely see these people NOT wanting their names out in the open! It really makes you think though- people are not always whom they seem to be on television.

Holly goes into great detail in this book- which makes you feel as if you are there with her during these times. I love how she doesn’t just speak about her, her, her.. she also goes into detail about certain histories of buildings and landmarks that she had seen/visited over the years.

I did feel like a lot of this book was re written from her first book, Down The Rabbit Hole. I thought this book was going to conclude with how she had met her husband and started their beautiful family.

This book is definitely a good read! I gave it four hearts because like I mentioned above I really wish the book concluded with how she had met her husband and had their first child! But hey! maybe she will write another book!

Lots of love,



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