The Awakening Of Sunshine Girl by Paige Mckenzie


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The Awakening of Sunshine girl is the second book of this series following The Haunting of Sunshine girl. (Which is reviewed in a previous post)

I loved how awakening started off just where haunting ended- it continues with such grace- which makes it very easy to get pulled back into the story line! In this second book, Sunshine is learning the ropes of her gift or should I say gifts! I love how Sunshine is open and invites these gifts as they come at her- I mean come on! having humanities fate in your hands is a lot to handle- especially being a sixteen year old girl, but she is learning and growing with this challenge.

I absolutely loved how we got to learn more of a back story on Sunshine’s parents- it really opened up the story line and pulled me in as a reader.

I loved the connection that was made with Nolan and another character (don’t want to ruin anything) that really made the read a lot more intense!

In my opinion the awakening is just as good as the haunting– although, the haunting had more of a shock value and I believe that is because everything we were reading in the first book was fresh and new- coming into the second book we know what to expect with the demons and the way they fight.

The awakening is seriously a breath of fresh air. The concept and the story will leave you guessing and wanting more- not to mention Paige Mckenzie has a gift of cliffhanger endings which you know; we all love to hate!

Lots of love,



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