The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

I have to say that this novel may be one of my favorites. It keeps you flipping pages until the end- you get so caught up in the lives of the characters.. you feel for them all- but at the same time.. do you? you don’t know if you can trust them.. anyone.

Rachel takes the same train to work every day. Rachel sees the same scenery every day. Rachel has noticed a couple that hangout in their backyard every morning- they are beautiful, happy, and in love- she just knows it. She can tell by the way he looks at her- Jess and Jason she calls them. She knows that it is a little creepy that she has pictured their perfect life in her head.. but hey, it takes her away from her own life.. that isn’t going all too well.. considering her ex husband lives on the same street as Jess and Jason- Rachel sees his new life every morning as well- new wife, new baby, love.

On a normal morning- on the train- Rachel sees something shocking at Jess and Jason’s house. Rachel goes to the police and before she knows it.. her life is entangled into a huge web of mystery. Was Rachel’s perspective of Jess and Jason’s life (Whom she learns their names are actually Megan and Scott) right? or was it far too wrong?

This novel is definitely a psychological thriller at its best. I just want to say that by the end of this book.. your perspective on peoples lives will definitely change. You may think that you know someone- inside and out.. but you don’t. Not even a little bit- Not at all. I mean come on, it is pretty much narrated by the three main female characters- one is an alcoholic, one is a liar, and one is a cheat. Who can you really trust? The narrating is very unreliable– which leaves you at the edge of your seat!

The only downside to this book- and how can I say this without spoiling anything.. is how can you ‘know someone’ so ‘well’ but really not know them at all.. in such an extreme matter. <- I know this doesn’t make sense.. ha ha. but it will!

Lots of love,



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