Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


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If you don’t know already this book/movie are both getting some negative reviews stating that it promotes suicide- especially within the disabled. I for one, disagree. I am not going to get any further into this controversial topic of euthanasia in humans. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs 🙂 My review is going to be based on the writing of this novel.

I am in love with this book- before I continue I want to say that the movie was just as good. They almost followed the book to a tee.. the repeating of the lines from the book was absolutely wonderful. I love how Jojo Moyes uses different characters perspectives in the book. I liked knowing what the different characters in the book were thinking during certain situations.

This book follows Louisa, a 26 year old girl who has only ever worked at a cafe- when the cafe shuts down she is forced to find new work.. leading her to Will. Will is a young man who was injured two years ago and is now a quadriplegic– this is not the life that Will had in mind for himself. Sitting in a chair- worrying about keeping his body temperature regulated- not being able to get out of bed until someone gets him out of bed- etc. I mean, Will used to be the head a huge company- had such an active lifestyle including bungee jumping, water skiing, traveling the world- and not to mention all the pretty girls lined up around the block for him. Louisa is hired to be Wills helper on a six month contract.. little did she know there was a reason for this limited six month contract. Louisa and Will click- friendship and love grow but is that enough?

This novel will leave you turning the pages with a smile on your face. This novel is insightful and heartbreaking- leaving you wanting more.

Lots of love,



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