Down The Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison


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If you know me, you know that I have a weird.. not an obsession.. but a weird interest in the playboy mansion. I love the scandal and stories of the behind the scenes. My boyfriend laughs and thinks that it’s so strange. But hey, that’s my guilty pleasure I guess.

Holly Madison talks about her time living at the mansion as Hugh Hefner’s main girlfriend. In all honesty, when you think about the playboy mansion- you are probably thinking glamour, money, amazing parties, great sex, and fun. Apparently, the mansion is a far cry from a fantasy land! Holly talks about the parties, the scheduled sex, drinking, drama, a total loss of identity, a 9 pm curfew and more. This book is a page turner! There is so much to be learned about the apparent majestic world of Playboy.

It really hits home that Holly– obviously beautiful as anything- talks about how she had suffered from severe self esteem issues while living at the mansion..“I was constantly made to feel ugly.” she always felt as if she was not pretty enough (even though she was Hefs main girlfriend) Holly talks about how she wanted to stray away from the long blond locks and uniformed look so she decided to get her hair cut and wear some red lip stick- she mentioned how she had felt so utterly beautiful, only to go home and reportedly have Hef say that she looked, “old, hard and cheap” — disturbing! 

I really do wish that the end of this book didn’t feel so rushed. I guess I understand because the book is focused on Holly and her time at the playboy mansion and what she did to distant herself from the mansion after she left- but I feel as if I would have loved to have read in detail about her meeting her husband and having Rainbow. It all seemed to have been squished into a chapter. Hmm.. Maybe she will write a book going into detail on those aspects of her life? I would give it a read!

If you are in the mood to read a tell all memoir.. look no further!

Lots of love,



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