The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl by Paige Mckenzie


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

I didn’t finish this book in one sitting like A did, but my gosh! This book is an incredible read. I found myself thinking about the possibilities of what could come next on multiple occasions when I was away from the book.

Sunshine is your average sixteen year old girl with a quirky and unique old fashioned style– or so you would think she was an average sixteen year old girl. I mean, even Sunshine thought she was. Little did she know that when she turned sixteen her whole world would change. Her sixteenth birthday meant the world had a different plan in store for her from here on out. Sunshine is faced with the fears and reality of being able to communicate with spirits. Although, it is much more than that! There is in-depth background into why Sunshine is experiencing all of this paranormal experiences- it’s not just your average haunted house story.. it has meaning and character. This novel has a creepy plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat while turning the pages!

Paige Mckenzie does a wonderful job at making you fall in love with every character in this book. Trust me when I say this- you will have a hard time putting this book down once you’ve picked it up!

I am extremely excited to read the sequel ‘The Awakening of Sunshine Girl’ which is sitting beside me right now!

Lots of love,



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