Room by Emma Donoghue


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I had a hard time getting into this book. It took me about a week to read the first quarter of it. I think it was because of the writing. Room is narrated by Jack, a five year old boy whom lives in Room with his Ma. [Notice I didn’t write ‘the’ room, haha. You will understand when you read the book!] As I mentioned, it took me a while to get into it, but as I kept reading I started to understand the importance of having this novel narrated by Jack. Don’t get me wrong! Emma Donoghue does an incredible job at portraying the inside of a five year old’s head- especially Jack’s head. Jack’s whole world is this room. From TV to Wardrobe to Table to Duvet- to Jack, those are the only TV, wardrobe, table, and duvet in the world. Like I said, the world is Room.

Jack is content with the way the world is, he is happy and has everything he could possibly need in Room- but little does he know that Ma has a world of pain and suffering. Ma was ‘stolen’ by Old Nick when she was nineteen years old- and Jack came out of Ma’s tummy a few years later. Ma has been in Room for seven years- after giving birth to Jack.. an attempt to escape became dangerous. Jack is now a big boy of five years old and is now starting to have questions about ‘outside’ Room. Ma decides it is time to let him in on the secret and together they plan a ‘great escape’— they both have to be scrave (scared and brave) to successfully get out of Room.

This novel is an incredible read. As I mentioned, at the beginning I had a hard time adapting to reading it- but as I kept reading I fell in love. I even found myself thinking about the book throughout the days and before I fell asleep at night! It will drag you in!

I watched the movie last night. I have to say the acting was amazing- but I felt as if the movie was less powerful than the book. The book had something else! Might I add that I really wish Emma Donoghue would write a second book with Ma narrating it! That would be nothing short but incredible.

If you noticed my grammar was a little off with some of my wording. You will understand why when you read the book.


Lots of love,



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