Paper Towns by John Green


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Quentin has loved and admired Margo for as long as he can remember. They used to play together all of the time as little kids. They have been through so much together- including finding a dead body in the park when they were younger. If that doesn’t yell ‘bond’ I don’t know what would!

Throughout the years- Quentin and Margo have lived separate lives. Margo is popular and mysterious and Quentin is, well, Quentin. After Margo sneaks into Q’s (as he gets called) room in the middle of the night inviting him on a revenge ride around town- visiting ‘friends’ and a random trip to Sea World- Q can’t refuse. I mean, come on! It is Margo Roth Spiegelman- the girl he has admired from afar wanting to hangout with him! Little did Q know that this would be the beginning of a life changing journey.

Paper Towns is a good read. I enjoyed reading it. I actually found myself thinking about the book when I was out and about during my days- I wanted to know what was going to happen next. The reason I gave the book four hearts instead of five is because with all of the lead up to the end of the book (I don’t want to spoil it.. so I am sorry if what I am saying makes no sense!) it didn’t give me the shock factor- or the ‘omg! this ending was perfect!’ feeling. Call me selfish- but I wanted more!!

I read someones review about the ending of this book- and it really does make sense. This person talked about how everyone is disappointed in the ending because it doesn’t give us anything.. i.e. movie type ending. [^^ point proven above] Maybe that was John Greens purpose- to put us in Q’s shoes. His whole life he thought of Margo as this wonderful, interesting, mysterious and untouchable girl- but in reality- she wasn’t. She was just like you or I. By Q thinking of her like this throughout the whole book it wanted us to believe that Margo had some big reveal of some sort- that she was just something to be awed at. When really, she was just a lost teenager who is trying to find herself.

Now, everything I have wrote above may seem confusing if you have not read the book. Read it and you will understand!! I do recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a quick and interesting read.

Lots of love,



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