Wildflower By Drew Barrymore


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

This memoir was an absolute pleasure to read. Drew Barrymore talks about growing up and finding herself and finding love along the way. The experiences that Drew has encountered in her life have a lot of life changing/altering views. Drew is compassionate and sincerely a ‘Wildflower’. I adored reading this book. Every chapter had a moving tale of friendship, loss, love and more.

I love how Drew is not afraid to speak her mind. In this memoir, you learn that Drew is just like any of us. She has her insecurities and fears. She talks about a sexist encounter that made her feel tensed up while her and Cameron Diaz were going sky diving for the first time. She talks about how she lied to Steven Spielberg during her auditions as a little girl to make herself seem more interesting. She talks about her amazing friendship with Adam Sandler- and many, many more. I read this memoir in ‘awe’ and it made me like Drew Barrymore even more! If that is even possible, ha ha.

The only downside to this memoir is that I wish it had more in depth stories about her past with drugs and alcohol- and how she overcame that point in her life. *I have come to realize that she has another memoir out that goes into detail of that part of her past– so scratch that!*

Also I have to mention that her two daughters Olive and Frankie are gorgeous little girls!

Lots of love,



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