The Moaning of Life: The Worldly Wisdom of Karl Pilkington



Karl Pilkington is a 40-year-old man with no kids, no marriage and a job that defines him as an ‘idiot’. His show ‘An Idiot Abroad’ showcases just that as his friends, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, set him up for all kinds of antics in the worlds craziest and most interesting places. In his bestselling book The Moaning of Life: The Wordly Wisdom of Karl Pilkington he delves into the hot topics of marriage, kids and what it all means in his unique comedic style.

He travels to Bali to witness a natural child birth. He makes his way to Vegas to be a part of drive through wedding, all in the name of research on whether or not what society thinks he should be a part of is actually the way to go.

I wouldn’t say that the writing style is elementary, however it is an easy read. The book itself shows his hilarious voice as strong as ever and is entirely entertaining, even having myself question the idea of the perfect life. With pictures to prove what he’s done and Karl’s world facts, this book offers much more than just his opinion on these subjects. He has a way of opening ones mind up to the possibility that maybe what we’re told is the right way to live, well, might not be. I absolutely adore him, his shows, and now his books and I think this book is a good read for anyone who may be feeling a bit lost in societal norms. Hell, it’s a good read if all you’re looking for is a good laugh and some unusual stories.

Lots of love,



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