Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Jack Finney



A small unsuspecting town. A shared delusion. Or is it? Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a classic science fiction tale about Miles Bennett, a doctor in the seemingly normal small town of Mill Valley, California. Things continue being painfully normal until people start sharing the same delusion—their loved ones are not their loved ones at all, but somehow they are different. Of course Miles, being a doctor, tries to shrug this off as some sort of psychotic episode but when he starts noticing the slight differences, it becomes an entirely different story.

He, along with his love interest Becky, and a couple other people from the town find something astonishing. Pods, with no explanation in regards to where they came from or what they were there to do. Miles is beginning to think the delusions aren’t delusions at all, that something terrifying is happening in his small home town, and since everyone else seems to think nothing’s amiss, he and his group of skeptics must find out the who’s and what’s and where’s and how’s, all at the same time as finding a plan to stop whatever is changing their normal human town into a band of walking, talking, body snatching aliens.

Jack Finney’s ability to paint a picture in such simplistic description is inspiring. He manages to bring your mind into Mill Valley along with all the characters as if you, too, were a part of the small town action. It’s science fiction at its best, which is probably why the book, originally published in 1955, still holds such power in its genre. It fits into the realm of suspense perfectly and with it’s vague way of telling the inviting story, it leaves the mind racing long after the last page is read. Not many books have the power to open the mind in such a way that the reader must fill in their own gaps with their own imaginations. Jack Finney successfully pulls off a science fiction feat that I have yet to see done in this generation.

Lots of love,



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