You’re Not You by Michelle Wildgen



You’re not you, is such an inspirational and moving story. It follows Kate, a 36 year old pianist with ALS and a young college student Bec. Bec is a mess- she doesn’t have her life in order and can barely hold down a job. When Bec applies to become Kate’s caregiver everything changes. Kate feels as if Bec is the perfect fit, but Kate’s husband does not think so- he just thinks she is an immature, reckless child. That is until he gets to know her. Kate is intrigued by Bec’s lack of experience with ALS- Kate soon realizes that the love she has for Bec is not on a professional caregiver level- but is a friendship. Bec is the only person who doesn’t treat Kate like she is sick.

You will fall in love with both Kate and Bec. You’re not you, will take you into the mind of someone suffering from ALS and will break your heart as the disease progresses. This story is extraordinary and I am so glad I came across it.

There is a move now- Hilary Swank plays Kate- and my gosh, she does an incredible job!

If I could give more than 5 hearts.. I would!


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