Wild By Cheryl Strayed


Wild is both an inspirational yet heartbreaking novel. It will leave you in awe over how much of the world there is out there and how much you haven’t seen.

On one side Wild made me want to walk the Pacific Crest Trail (ha ha.. I’m laughing because it’s ME- If you know me, you know I would like the IDEA of it compared to actually doing it. Especially doing it alone.)

On the other side it breaks your heart to see what Cheryl was going through during this time from losing her mother, to fighting a Heroin addiction- and previous rough patches years before to lead to her decide to go on this journey.

You will not regret reading this book. I also watched the movie and I found that the movie really gives the watcher a beautiful sense of scenery- but doesn’t show the exact harsh reality of what being out there alone for 90 some odd days would be like! The book goes more into detail about the situations and the hardships of walking the trail and being alone.

I thoroughly enjoyed both the book and the movie and I recommend anyone to give them a go!

Lots of love, L&A


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