The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks



A true romance, The Lucky One is just another pretty love story from the talented mind of Nicholas Sparks.  Logan, a U.S. Marine, finds a picture of a woman during one of his tours and tries to find the owner, to no avail.

He then finds himself carrying the picture around as some sort of good luck charm. When he returns home, he can’t shake the feeling that he needs to still return the photograph, and when he makes his way to do so, he finds Elizabeth—the woman in the ratted picture.

The two begin a passionate and fateful relationship after he is hired by Elizabeth to work in the dog kennel she owns on her property. Their meant-to-be vibe is apparent throughout the text and Sparks paints a great picture of destiny and fate with his characters convincing portrayal.

Problems arise when Elizabeth’s ex-husband catches wind of the romance, and Logan keeps his search for her a secret until she finds out on her own. But love prevails, as it usually does with Sparks’ novels.

The Lucky One is a well-written, down-to-earth love story that paints a great picture of life and loss, and how important it is to allow oneself to love and follow their destiny.

Lots of love, L&A


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