The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins



Because of the trilogy following one story, I have decided to review The Hunger Games books all as one review. Everybody who does not live under a rock is aware of the massive success these books-turned-movies turned out to have. And although I don’t always swim in the main stream, I do have to say that there is good reason for it.

Suzanne Collins creates a world unfathomable to normal everyday people. In a semi-post apocalyptic era, the country is split into 12 districts, each one demanded of their own contribution by the Capital. The Capital holds a reaping each year to decide which children will be sacrificed in the fight-to-the-death television event, The Hunger Games. The event is because of a long held debt each district owes the capital because of its generosity. In District 11, lays Katniss, a young woman that just wants to hunt with her best friend Gale and keep her family safe from the hunger games.

Unfortunately though, her little sister gets called in the reaping and she cannot allow that. She volunteers in her place, and shakes up the entire games. Through her actions and rebellious nature of the capital throughout the first hunger games, she develops hope within the districts around hers for freedom. President Snow, the leader of the Capital, is not a fan of Katniss’ influence on his districts. Games begin to be played and after surviving the first hunger games, Katniss is flung into a second one on a new rule brought on to stop the rebellion and scare the people into obeying him once again.

The Hunger Games Trilogy takes place in an incredibly unique world and Collins has a an amazing ability to connect any reader with Katniss on a deeper level. The rebellious nature of her and her strength when all else seemed to point to failure is inspiring to say the least. Collins creates a true heroin out of Katniss and these books are a must read—if possible before seeing the movies.

Lots of love, L&A


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