Salem’s Lot by Stephen King



A classic to its core, Salem’s Lot is a true horror mystery that will have any reader, no matter how brave, turning on the lights and giving the closets one more quick check before bed.

 In Salem’s Lot, writer Ben Mears travels back to one of the towns he lived in as a child, Jerusalem’s Lot. While there he discovers that the town he used to know is not quite the same as he left it. He settles in making friends with a teacher and starting a romance with a grad student while he writes his story in the old Marsten House.

When a new businessman comes to town to start buying things up, people start to disappear. This is no coincidence either. The town is slowly becoming vampires all around Mears and there’s nothing he can do.

Stephen King is well-known for his ability to give his readers an excellent, and expected, scare and he uses terrifying imagery and his talented writing ability to have the reader transported as if they, too, were in Salem’s Lot. One of, if not THE best horror writer of our time, King takes a simple story of a town overcome by vampires and turns it into a read so good that you won’t be able to stop turning pages, even if you’re too scared to do so.

Lots of love, L&A


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