The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold



A story of life after death, The Lovely Bones starts off when a young teenager, Susie Salmon, “like the fish”, is brutally raped and murdered in a field by her family home. The story then follows Susie to heaven as she watches her family and friends deal with her disappearance, death, and the search for her killer.

She has a new existence to lead in heaven but can’t let go of her family and friends with all the unfinished business she has left behind. Sebold paints an incredible picture of Susie’s experience in heaven and how helpless she is, seeing her killer from heaven and knowing she can’t do anything to help her family find him. Her ability to pull the reader in and hold them there is truly brilliant.

It’s not just Susie’s character that is portrayed excellently and in an ability for the reader to really relate to. As her family struggles with Susie’s death and serving justice in her name, Sebold creates a connection so real you almost feel as though you’re with her father, slowly losing his mind in the name of finding the man who stole his daughter from him.

The Lovely Bones is a true testament to how much power a work of fiction can have and how a book, when incredibly well-written, can resonate with you long after you’ve read it.


Lots of love, L&A



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