Left Neglected by Lisa Genova



Sarah is a hard working mom- she doesn’t have much time to do anything but care for her family! On her way to work one day while talking on her phone, she looks away for just a second and her world comes to a halt.

Sarah wakes up in a hospital bed unable to comprehend the left side of her world. Sarah is entirely unable to perceive anything on the left, including her left arm, leg and facial features, to the point where she has to be reminded to look left, a task not easily achieved. Sarah is forced to try to gain her health back and the use of her left side– but that means she needs to focus on herself instead of everyone else around her.

Left Neglected, is an eye opener in the sense that it really makes you realize that you do need to spend time with yourself. You can’t always be go, go, go! Sarah has definitely learned this the hard way.

This book is a great read. Just like, Still Alice- Lisa Genova goes into the mind of Sarah and makes the reader feel as if she can feel the struggle that she is feeling.

Lots of love, L&A


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