Still Alice by Lisa Genova

still alice

This book is heartbreaking to say the least- but it is so inviting. This book follows the life of Alice Howland a professor at Harvard University. Alice has quite the perfect life- a great husband, wonderful children, and a soon to be grandchild. What more could she ask for?

Alice is going for a jog. The same route she has taken multiple times before- but this time she comes to a stop and doesn’t remember which way to get home. It scares Alice. As the reader, you can feel Alice’s fear and worry which makes Lisa Genova such a wonderful writer. Alice is soon diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Still Alice will make you feel all kinds of feelings. You will smile, laugh, and cry. You will follow Alice as she does her best to cope with the decline of Alzheimer’s disease- and when I say follow, you do. Lisa Genova writes as if you are in Alice’s head. It is an eye opener which will definitely make you feel compassion and love for Alice and her family.

As Alice starts to forgets words, phrases, how to teach her class, and even faces [of her loved ones]- you can’t help but to keep reading this book. You want to hug Alice and hug her family. This book will make you think of loved ones that may be experiencing the same thing right now- this book will also help you understand what your loved one may be feeling.

I just found out tonight that there is a movie of this book now [I feel like a kid in the candy store again!] I think I will watch it before I fall asleep tonight. It has great reviews on different sites. So we will see!

Still Alice is like I said, a heartbreaking sob fest- so be sure to have your tissue at hand!

Lots of love, L&A


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