Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling by Bret Hart

bret hart

Growing up my dad would watch wrestling on television whenever it was on- what do I mean growing up? ha ha. He still does! Main point.. I never cared for it. Some things have changed- I can now sit and watch wrestling with my dad and know exactly what is going on. I even have my own favorite wrestlers!

Hitman is a truly amazing book. It goes deep into the life of Bret Hart and his family while he was growing up- to the loss of his brother in the wrestling ring. This book has everything you want to read in a memoir; the unfortunate sad parts and the great happy parts of Brets life.

Bret talks about growing up in the ring and how his father would train famous wrestlers in the basement of his house back in the day *I won’t mention any names- read the book to find out!*

He talks about how as he got older and got himself more into the wrestling world, instead of doing drugs with the guys all of the time, he turned to women. Sadly, leaving his wife at home with the children while he toured. Hart states in his book “The lust was stronger than the guilt.” – “My release, my amnesia, or maybe my anesthesia, was women. Sex seemed like the lesser of all the sins that lay in wait for us,” he writes, saying it saved him from drugs and alcohol. “I knew for certain that this was going to be a long road ahead. I was 27 and I was never going to survive it if I didn’t find some female company. I felt truly terrible about being unfaithful. It was so weird: I was on top of the world but ashamed of myself at the same time.”

Bret writes: “For as long as I can remember, my world has been filled with liars and bullshit, losers and con men. Unlike so many wrestlers with their various made-up names and adopted personae, I was authentic, born Bret Hart into a wrestling world I couldn’t escape. I can’t say life’s been easy, but I can say it’s been interesting.”

This book is incredibly written and will keep your eyes glued to the pages. It is true what he says, Bret was authentic while a wrestler and always stayed true to his background. I can honestly say that this book gave me a push into the life of wrestling.

Lots of love, L&A


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