Forget About It by Caprice Crane

forget about it


I read this book quite a few years ago and it has always stuck with me! This is the first book I read that made want more when I was finished. I was intrigued with the life of all of the characters. I wanted more!

Jordan is a smart, beautiful, and talented twenty-five year old girl- but none of that seems to matter because her mother calls her fat all of the time, her boyfriend cheats on her, and she has an unfair work environment all thanks to her boss who likes to steal her ideas. Jordan feels like a doormat. Until one day when she is riding her bicycle and slams head first into a car door. On her way to the hospital she realizes that this is a perfect time to fake amnesia and reinvent herself.

Jordan uses this cosmic do over to stand up for herself and show everyone what Jordan really has inside of her!

As the saying goes- no good deed goes unpunished. Karma sets in and the unthinkable happens leading Jordan to have to really start over and re learn all of her relationships and what really makes her happy in life.

This book is addicting and very well written. Caprice Crane can really draw in her audience!

Lots of love, L&A


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