White Oleander by Janet Fitch



If you’re looking for a story about finding your own way in a cruel world, this is the book for you. White Oleander features Astrid, a beautiful young girl with an even more beautiful mother, both of whom are artists.

Astrid and her mother are best friends, always spending days painting in the California wind. When Astrid’s strong willed mother is arrested for the murder of her boyfriend, Astrid is left to fend for herself all the while being transferred from foster home to foster home.

Each foster home has it’s own set of characters, each of them different from Astrid as she tries to fit in anywhere she can while finding herself as a young girl.

White Oleander is written beautifully and allows for an instant connection to the characters. Fitch can even make the reader empathetic for Astrid’s mother’s situation as she rots in jail watching her daughter change who she is to suit each new foster situation.

A story of independence and bittersweet reality, White Oleander will have any reader turning pages until the very end to see just how Astrid turns out after her whirlwind spiral through the legal system.

Lots of love, L&A



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