Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson



A story of true friendship, Bridge to Terabithia will have any avid reader turning pages just to find out what happens to the pair of adventurous 4th grade runners.

Jess and Leslie, both introspective outsiders and different than all their classmates, find each other when Leslie moves to the Old Perkins place down the road from Jess’ family farm. Leslie forces her way into Jess’ life, taking his friendship whether he wanted it or not.

The two become inseparable and Leslie’s will and imagination come privy to Jess, causing him to see Leslie in a new light. She was everything he wasn’t, courageous and imaginative, and it made Jess crave her attention. They decide to create a place of their own, away from everyone and everything. They call it Terabithia, which is really just a fort they built in the woods by their homes.

The two spend their days playing make-believe in Terabithia. They were the King and Queen of the land they had created and nothing could ruin that. Except one day, a tragedy occurs that changes everything.

Bridge to Terabithia is an incredibly written piece of work that will have you laughing out loud before bringing you to tears. The deep well of emotional connection Paterson is able to provide to the reader is nothing short of spectacular. Each and every character is painted in a way that the reader can almost touch. Paterson’s ability to transport you to ‘Terabithia’, to make you feel as though you are back in the 4th grade vying to play with Jess and Leslie, is that of a truly talented writer.

Even though it is categorized as a youngn’s book, it is an incredible read for all ages.

Lots of love, L&A




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